"Outstanding - and the thing, besides Dee Dee Bridgewater I will remember the most from the concert- was Steen Hansen's trombonesolo in 'Polka Dots And Moonbeams'. How many in Denmark realizes, what a musician we have in him? When I listen to his play, I often think, that there is no other tromboneplayer in the whole world, I'd rather hear."

-Boris Rabinowitsch (review in "Politiken" July 10th 2006)

"If he lived in Canada, he would defenitly be in my band"

- Rob McConnel 1991

2 times featured artist at the ITF (2003 Helsinki, Finland & 2009 Aarhus, Denmark)

Former trombone player in the Danish Radio Big Band 1986-2017

I have played on numerous recordings.
Here are a few…

  • Timeless Inc (1995) 5tet w/Henrik Bolberg, Jacob Fischer, Thomas Ovesen and Jonas Johansen
  • Under The Surface (1997) Original 4tet comp. w/Jacob Christoffersen, Thomas Ovesen and Jonas Johansen
  • Bass and Bones (2009) Duo w/Mads Vinding
  • Put The Blame On Me (2015) Elvis goes Jazz… w/Birgitte Soojin, Frands Rifbjerg and Ida Hvid
  • Tribube to Herbie + 1 (New York 2015) Dick Oatts and the NY JazzOrchestra
  • Hidden Stone (Paris 2016, to come out fall 2017) Line Kruse Big Band

Here are some samples from YouTube…

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